Welcome to AMIFICAS!

AMIFICAS is an acronym for AMerican Institute For Innovative Computer-Aided Solutions covering Material – Nano - and Life (MNL) Sciences.

The company offers specific consulting services in the area of Pharmaceutics.


is based on the following principles: 

  • Interpretation of measured data by providing the underlying physical models, which allow:
  • Replacement of expensive lab experiments with reliable computer-aided theoretical (in-silico) simulations to generate important savings, facilitating:
  • Product development, Quality by Design, Analysis of design space and exploring variability of product properties in-silico.
  • Validation of the "as optimal" selected in-silico experiments by corresponding lab experiments.
  • In-silico analysis and interpretation of complex systems provoking experiments, which may confirm unexpected theoretical results.
  • Defining intellectual propery rights by providing results for systems that have not yet been performed experimentally.
  • Involvement of top experts of in-house and/or of affiliated companies to resolve a specific problem.
  • Coordination of the experts involved to resolve efficiently a specific problem.

  • The focus of the specific consulting services is in the area of early pharmaeutical development, following very strictly the principle of "Right, First Time" [1] covering especially the critical path of "industrialisation" of pharmaceutical products.

  • AMIFICAS is coaching the experiments/products from lab-scale in the preclinical phase, pilot-scale in the early clinical trials till mass-production in clinical phase IV and for the launch of the marketed dosage form.

    [1] Hans Leuenberger, Michael N. Leuenberger and Maxim Puchkov, Right First Time: Computer-Aided Scale-up for manufacturing solid dosage forms with a shorter time to market, SWISS PHARMA 7-8/10, 3-13 (2010)

    In order to serve best the customers AMIFICAS is affiliated with the following companies and has access to top experts:

    CINCAP LLC (Switzerland) www.cincap.ch

    IFIIP GmbH (Switzerland) www.ifiip.ch

    AMIFICAS is ready to share its knowledge, experience and expertise in this globalised world with the customers needing advice and support. Confidentiality is fully guaranteed.

General goal: Search for a win-win situation for the customers and AMIFICAS by optimising product quality and realising important savings.

AMIFICAS and its affiliated partner companies do not make public annual activity reports to avoid any possibility of violating mutual confidentiality agreements with customers. To check the past performance of the founders of AMIFICAS Inc. and its affiliated companies, i.e. CINCAP LLC  and Ifiip GmbH it is recommended to study the CVs of the founders and their publically accessible annual reports of former activities.

Switzerland, especially the Basel Area, home of the headquarters of major pharmaceutical companies such as Novartis Ltd and Roche Ltd as well as of many small and medium sized pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers and other service companies forms an important hub ( see Basel-City picture, below)..

Important Notice:

AMIFICAS Inc. and its affiliated partner companies in general do not sell software packages for a broad application such as Expert Systems for a special field. In case of conflict of interest AMIFICAS Inc. and its affiliated partner companies are free to reject a task without giving reasons. The primary goal is providing consulting services and developing dedicated innovative, computer-aided solutions tailor made for the customer.